Nintendo NES Classic News: Stock Update From Amazon And Wal-mart; Tracker Website To Help NES Mini Console Hunters

By Tony Park - 24 Nov '16 22:09PM

Fans of the Nintendo NES Classic Mini  have turned to a tracker website to hunt down the very elusive console. contains information that will allow users to determine locations where units of the NES Mini are available in multiple countries, with a list of places offered.

According to the website Express, desperate buyers can use the tracker website to help keep tabs of the NES Classic Mini. Consumers are not yet assured of getting the console despite their pre-orders due to limited stock.

Polygon reported that eBay sold an NES Classic Mini console every 18 seconds on launch day. The auction site was still experiencing a sale of the console once every one and a half minute. Official U.S. retailers saw their NES Mini sold out within minutes.

Amazon assured their waiting fans that the stock of the NES Classic Mini will be replenished soon. The U.S online retailer released a statement informing consumers that the company "will be fulfilling customer orders in the order in which they were placed, and expect to fill all pre-orders by mid-December 2016."

This development will ignite the hopes of retro gaming customers who have placed Nintendo Classic Mini orders and have been waiting for so long just to have the console. The NES Mini is still available to buy in limited quantities in North America.

Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar retailer Wal-mart also released a statement that it has a new stock coming. Due to limited supply, retailers did not take some pre-orders. This update is a pat on the back of gaming fans who are dying to buy the NES Classic Mini in time for Christmas.

"Want the hottest gift of the holiday season?" reads a Wal-mart post. "Well, come and get it at It's available for sale at 2pm PST daily from Nov. 25 - Nov. 27. Limited quantities."

The tracker website for the Nintendo NES Classic Mini is located here.

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