Infectious Diseases In The United States: The Country's Condition With Risk And Threat Of Infectious Diseases. Is It Increasing Or Declining?

By Michael Davis - 24 Nov '16 19:22PM

For over a hundred years, Infectious Diseases are the leading cause of death among Americans. In the recent report, people received with good news because most of these diseases contained and become less problem in American Health.

In counting of over thirty-four years from 1980 to 2014, 5.4% of death recorded in the country caused by infectious diseases, said in a report by the American Medical Association.  Pneumonia, tuberculosis, and diarrhea are those that risen starting in 1990's, said on NPR.

The decline of death is due to the consciousness of having a clean environment, the discovery of antibiotics, and vaccinations promoted by the Health Department, said by the Assistant Professor Heidi Brown of Public Health at the University of Arizona. "We've done phenomenal and amazing things with respect to infectious diseases," she says.

However, there are diseases that came to the surface in the early years during the 1980's that dramatically alerted authorities of its deadly nature. She said that in 1980 to 1995 an 85% increase of HIV cases found from the margin of 100,000 people.

By the time that the antiretroviral drug made available, the decrease surge down to 10% on an annual basis from 1995 to 2014. Understanding the disease and doing something about it helped in just a short period.

The challenges of infectious diseases are still up in the United States, according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The morbidity and mortality of these diseases do not give them an ending conclusion but rather a more complex research and development.

People must not underscore the Molecular genetics of these diseases as it may increase its strain and becomes more susceptible from the spread and defend itself from the existing drugs that cut them. The continuity of the good practice in sanitation and hygiene, vaccination, and medical cooperation - behaviors that resolves the problem.

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