[SPOILERS] JUMP PREVIEW To Dragon Ball Super Episode 68, 69, 70, and 71 - 'Hit To Kill Goku, and Gohan Returns'

By Jayde Winston - 24 Nov '16 07:04AM

Since the conclusion of the Zamasu and Future Trunks arc, the Dragon Ball Super fans hype are still on. With the incoming episodes titles dropped and numerous leaked plots being revealed, fans' anticipation is uncontainable.

Previously, reports about the early previews for Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 and 69 have surfaced the internet by storm. Fans are debating on facts if the said spoilers are true or not. But, recently Herms98 posted on his twitter page regarding the interview between Nozawa and Mami Koyama for the Dragon Ball Super Episode 69.

Basically, on Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 entitled "Come Forth, Shenlong! Whose Wish Shall Be Granted?!" Goku will gather again all the dragon balls and summon Shenlong. The main plot for Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 is that everyone seems to have a wish on their own, and fans are bound to witness the different desire of each main characters.

For Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 entitled "Goku Vs Arale! The Earth Ends In A Wacky Battle?!", Goku's side-job as a security guard for Dr. Slump character Arale will be shown. It was stated that a certain event will happen in the "World Inventions Awards" that will cause Goku to engaged in a battle. Also, Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 denotes the first crossover of Toriyama's creation.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 entitled "Champa's Challenge! This Time We Face Off in Baseball!!" As of the moment, the plot for Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 is still unknown. There are no further details on what will be the events for Dragon Ball Super Episode 70. But, rumors state that Vados and Frost's motives will be determined in this episode.

Now, Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 is entitled "Death To Goku! A Hit-Job That Can't Be Refused." Rumors speculate that Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 will embark the new arc for the Dragon Ball franchise. It was stated that Hitman Hit, one of the most favorite characters in Dragon Ball franchise will have its return. This time, it's no hold barriers for Hit. There are no details towards who will be the mastermind for the assassination of Goku.

Also, Gohan was reported to set his return to the battle scene. Fans were disappointed in the past episodes since Gohan, son of Goku, did not take part at all. This time fans will witness again the powers of Gohan to battle Hit.

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