Dr. Phil's Show Reveals Shelley Duvall's Mental Illness; 'The Shining' Star Claims Robin Williams Not Dead But A Shape Shifter

By Roy Narra - 18 Nov '16 05:00AM

From being the face of a terrified mother in the cinematic world of Stanley Kubrick, Shelley Duvall was seen as the future movie star. Thirty-six years after The Shining, what happened to Shelley Duvall?

After being under the radar, Duvall, who was known for her memorable role as Wendy Torrance, the mother of Danny Torrance and wife of Jack Torrance played by Jack Nicholson, has resurfaced on Dr. Phil and she looks different as expected by the audience.

A clip of the interview shows how she has shockingly changed over the passage of decades ever since she became known to the public.

She is the guest of Dr. Phil in an upcoming episode and she told the audience that she is struggling with mental illness. She said she is very sick and in need of help for her sickness.

She also claimed that Robin Williams is still alive and just "shape shifting" around. She added that she's being threatened by a fictional character from Robin Hood as she describes as "a form of lurid and exploitative entertainment" that is "appallingly cruel."

The clip that has surfaced the internet was met with criticisms, with some saying they are using her for exploitation and some even asking if there is a proper consent coming from Duvall herself.

Vivian Kubrick, daughter of the director, said she was disgusted with Dr. Phil and how he decides to use Shelley's condition to get ratings.

Dr. Phil's representative did not respond to the criticisms. Instead, they just urged everyone to watch the interview on the show's official Twitter account.

Besides "The Shining", Duvall was also known for portraying Olive Oyl in "Popeye" opposite Williams and 3 Women with Sissy Spacek and Janice Rule. Both are directed by the late Robert Altman.

She has been living in Texas and her last appeared onscreen was in the 2002 independent film Manna from Heaven.

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