Carrie Fisher Decries Saying Harrison Ford 'Sucks' On Bed; Warns People To Read First Her Book

By K. Aviles - 17 Nov '16 09:22AM

"Star Wars" actress Carrie Fisher belied allegations that she described actor Harrison Ford's lousy performance on the bed. Fischer admonished to read first her "The Princess Diarist," before making any conclusions. The actress admitted to having an affair with Ford while they were filming the "Star Wars" movie when they had a secret affair.

According to a report, Fisher was only 19 and Ford was 33 when they had the indiscretion which happened in London. During that time, Ford was already married to Mary Marquardt, his first wife and with whom Ford has two kids.

"Any reports claiming I said Harrison was bad in bed are utterly false," Fisher was quoted by People in response to online posts criticizing Fisher of being "unkind" to Harrison Ford. "Perhaps people should read the book before they write their stories," Fisher continued saying.

Her book "The Princess Diarist" tells about the details of the actress' three-month long "secret affair" with Ford in 1976 when the cast was shooting for "Star Wars" original film. Soon after the web was flooded with comments about Fisher's attitude towards Ford, now 74 years old, the "Princess Leia" actress went to Twitter and tweeted, saying she would never comment about a person's behavior.

The idea to publish "The Princess Diarist" came when she stumbled upon her journals, documenting her supposed short affair with Ford and decided it was time to let the world know about it. It has been four decades since the alleged indiscretion between Fisher and Ford and she surmised no one would be affected by it anymore when it is revealed.

Fisher also assured readers that Ford has been given a heads up about her upcoming "The Princess Diarist" book by sending the actor a copy of the draft. But Fisher admitted Ford has not given any response yet.

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