'Rick and Morty' Season 3 Updates; Script On Producers' Hands Already; Rick Escapes From Galactic Federation Prison

By Chad Jarvis - 17 Nov '16 05:10AM

"Rick and Morty" Season 3 is still hanging in the air with only a few weeks before 2016 ends.  There were reports that the script for the third season is already on hand, and the network is just working out the launch. 

"Rick and Morty" animated-comedy ended its last season in October 2015, and followers are made to believe that the follow-up of the franchise comes in line before 2016.  It was also believed that Dan Guterman's show could arrive sooner as there are parts of the animation procedure are finished. 

While waiting for the attraction, here's a spoiler treat for you all.  The third season will circle on Rick's imprisonment at the Galactic Federation.  While being detained, Rick tries to escape, through the help of Evil Morty Smith.  Mrs. Sanchez, Ricky's wife, will also help him  escape the celestial prison to be able to go back earth where his family is. 

Another scene also suggests a break-up of the marriage between Rick's daughter Beth and Jerry, her husband. 

"Rick and Morty's" hilarious comic show began with a small 'Back to the Future' parody, entitled, "The adventurous duo Doc and Mharti".  They did crazy and out of this world type of adult comic scenes.  The success of this franchise is credited to Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, the creators.  The producers never imagined that the film will soar higher than expected.  The production also uses 'out of school' animation method, termed as retro scripting. This means that despite solid script, the animators follow the adlibs of the voice talents, a process that is definitely new in the business.

Moreover, the show uses an "unorthodox" method of animation called retroscripting. Despite having a solid script, the animators try to make the voice actors focus on "ad-libbed" dialogue. This is one main reason why Justin Roiland often stutters when voicing Rick.

Despite circling speculations that the preview is slated before 2016 ends, the producers are mum its exact date.

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