Film Director Joe Pytka Says It's Ridiculous To Make 'Space Jam 2;' Script Already Underway, Says Report

By K. Aviles - 16 Nov '16 09:30AM

Two decades after the blockbuster movie hit "Space Jam" was released, Warner Brothers is contemplating about making a sequel eyeing today's National Basketball Association stars LeBron James and Stephen Curry as the new cast. "Space Jam" remains to be unbeatable when it comes to revenues for a basketball movie.

As "Space Jam" celebrates its 20-year anniversary, film director Joe Pytka, who also directed the sports comedy film released in 1996 reminisced about the times leading to the making of the film and shared his thoughts about the idea of coming up with a sequel. According to a report from Entertainment Weekly, Pytka said it was a crazy idea then to make a film fusing animation and live-action and it is "ridiculous to make a different movie out of it."

"I can't see it. I can't imagine how it could be what that film was," Pytka was quoted, "Not that Space Jam is a great movie, but it had something that touched that period of time because of who those athletes wee and it does not exist anymore," the movie director continued to say as quoted by EW.

The 1996 live-action and animated movie "Space Jam" tells of a basketball court match in Space Jam with NBA star player Michael Jordan teaming up with the Looney Tunes character and beating the Monstars. Although it did not gain positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, it definitely had basketball and cartoon enthusiasts go to the theaters.

An earlier report from The Hollywood Reporter suggested that Alfredo Botello, Andrew Dodge and Justin Lin are currently undertaking the making of "Space Jam 2" with Lebron James. "Space Jam" was crafted at a time when NBA star player Michael Jordan was phenomenal in success and fame that due to his basketball skills, he became a legend. Not undermining the talents of current basketball star players LeBron and Curry as both are equally great inside a basketball court, but Pytka believes 53-year-old Michael Jordan's "transcendental figure" largely contributed to "Space Jam's" success.

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