Apple Releases Third 'watchOS' 3.1.1 Beta To Developers With Minor Revisions

By R. A. Jayme - 17 Nov '16 09:17AM

The new "watchOS" 3.1.1 beta release by Apple, dubbed build 14S5875b, appears to include only minor maintenance and performance revisions, as no new user-facing features are mentioned in the latest release notes.

As one can observe, here are the Key changes in the new watchOS 3 for Apple Watch:

  •  The side button is now a quick link to a new dedicated dock
  •  There are new complications and watch faces, including fitness-focused options
  •  Swipe up on a watch face forControl Center, and swipe left or right to switch faces
  •  A newBreathe app helps you relax
  •  Emergency SOSthat could save your life
  •  Send text messages directly from your Apple Watch by scribbling letters on the screen
  •  New apps: Reminders, Home, Find My Friends, heart rate

One week after Apple issued the second watchOS 3.1.1 beta, the latest beta comes with bug fixes and performance improvements. A public beta version is expected to drop in the near future, according to Apple Insider.

Apple's forthcoming "watchOS" point update builds on the third major revision to its wearable operating system. Released in September, Apple insider reported that the "watchOS 3" introduced a variety of new features, first-party apps and redesigned controls to better take advantage of second-generation Apple Watch hardware.

For example, the side button was remapped to invoke a dedicated app dock, while onscreen controls were modified to include gestures for quick access to Control Center. The update also brought new complications, watch faces and fitness options.

Users are blown away by how quickly the Apple Watch Series 2 picks up a GPS signal.  Apple promised seconds and it really is that quick. There is no waiting necessary whether the user is in a built-up city or out in the countryside. You wake up the Watch, go to the Workout app, select outdoor run and you're ready to go. 

The Apple's "watchOS" 3.1.1 beta, accessible via the Settings menu on Apple Watch, is an over-the-air download.

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