Archived Video Footage Of Meghan Markle Dating Prince Harry Foresight?

By K. Aviles - 16 Nov '16 09:29AM

In a video footage of an interview with TV show actress for "Suits" in October 2015, Meghan Markle was confronted with a question on who to choose between the two British princes and Markle remarked, "Prince Harry." The younger British prince, 32, recently admitted to dating the American actress and social activist.

Hello Magazine's quick-fire question and answer with Markle was taken from its archive following news that she is dating the very same Prince Harry whom she chose over Prince William. Before giving her answer, the web site described Markle to have been shaking her head. She then laughed and uttered in a self-inquisitorial tone as quoted, "Harry? Harry?" Sure"

But even before the royal prince officially admitted to being the current boyfriend of 35-year-old Meghan Markle, the latter has already been depicted in many ways by media across the globe, besides being an actress. Her current relationship sparked various reactions from her set of friends and family and very few articles wrote about the good side of the woman who plays the role of Rachel Zane on legal drama on TV, "Suits."

In an article from Forbes, Meghan Markle has been likened to "a modern-day Cinderella." Like in the fairy tale, the mixed-descent actress is a "young, beautiful, intelligent and independent" commoner, who has got the British prince who is in love with her.

The article continued to described Meghan as "self-assured, talented professional with a distinguished career who has not needed magic to get the prince besotted with her." And when last week, news quickly spread about her staying at the prince's Nottingham Cottage in Kensington Palace, during her visit in London.

Friends of the prince also told the media the romance between the two is seriously serious that Prince Harry is crossing the continent to meet his girlfriend's family.

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