[Spoilers] 'One Piece' Chapter 846 - Luffy Will Get An Unlikely Ally, Cancellation News Rebuffed

By Ileen Jasmine - 16 Nov '16 21:47PM

Several One Piece Chapter 846 spoilers hinted that fans will see Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates form an unlikely and unexpected alliance in the upcoming chapter. Rumors have also been spreading online that Chapter 846 will be the show’s last.

One Piece Chapter 846 Spoilers

Fans of One Piece continue to look for any spoilers and plot leaks online while waiting for Chapter 846 to air. Fans are mostly curious about what will happen to Sanji and Lady Pudding’s wedding.

According to Parent Herald, fans will find Monkey D. Luffy and Nami locked inside Big Mom’s prison cell. As expected, the duo will find a creative way to get free and save Sanji from marrying Lady Pudding,

More spoilers also report that Sabo, Luffy’s friend, will help them get out of the prison cell. Several spoilers also suggest that Sanji and Lady Pudding’s wedding will happen, but the ceremony “will not finish”, as Luffy arrives just in time to save the day.

This will cause Big Mom to get angry and she will order her soldiers to kill Straw Hat Luffy. As for the unlikely alliance spoilers, several reliable sources for anime spoilers have hinted that the Straw Hat Pirates will ally with the Vinsmokes family.

Much to the surprise of the fans, the source also notes that the family of Sanji will turn their backs on Big Mom.This surprising sudden turn of events will be caused by the presents to be received by the Vinsmokes. Sanji’s parents will receive a bomb as a present, and this will cause some conflict between the two families.

One Piece Animated Series Coming to an End?

Recently, several rumors have spread online that the anime adaptation of “One Piece” is going to be canceled. Fans were quick to dismiss and brush off the rumors. The anime creators have not issued any confirmation regarding the cancellation.

After all, the animated series is based on the manga that is still gaining tremendous popularity after over a decade in existence. The anime series, One Piece, aired its first chapter in 1999. The series is produced by Toei Animation.

Fans are informed not to take any “One Piece” cancellation rumors seriously unless the announcement comes from mangaka Eiichiro Oda, or from Toei Animation, its production company.

Fans are also encouraged to enjoy the series and disregard any cancellation rumors.

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