[WATCH] Conan O' Brien Plays Final Fantasy XV and He Doesn't Like It One Bit

By Danica Arkwright - 16 Nov '16 18:28PM

Ever curious what happens when the American Conan O' Brien tries out Japanese Games? Simple. Confusion happens, at least most of the time.

In the latest segment of Clueless Gamer via Kotaku and TechnoBuffalo, Conan O' Brien digs up through the list of latest video games and picked out the upcoming title, Final Fantasy XV. Joined by Hollywood's biggest gaming nerd, "Frodo Baggins" Elijah Wood, the two of them will play the game together.

O' Brien is already making comments when being briefed with the game storyline, saying that Final Fantasy games always have crystals in them, referring to the end-goal of the game. In the video, O' Brien can constantly be seen complaining about the setting and the scenarios of the game. He even took the time to voice over some parts of it. All throughout their playthrough, the two of them are confused and wondering what's supposed to happen. When someone explains it to them, they're even met with more confusion and Brien continues to criticize the further.

Brien said that they spent a long time playing with Final Fantasy XV than any other game in the Clueless Gamer segment. Brien commented things like "I don't know what we achieved. I don't know what we were trying to achieve. I have no sense of satisfaction.", "This whole thing is like an epic blue balls waste of time." He even dared asked, "why would someone play this?" I guess that's what happens when someone who is not a gamer picks up an RPG game like Brien.

However, even Wood is confused. That spells something for the developers since a veteran gamer, who played numerous games, is having problems understanding FFXV. What the two of them don't know is that some of the developers of the game are waiting outside their booth, watching their reactions to the game. Brien said that what's happening right now (going out of the booth and facing the developers) is more thrilling than the game.

The Final Fantasy fandom is are sensitive when it comes to their franchise being attacked. But the video is all for fun and comedic purposes so better not take anything seriously. Hey, at least fans caught a glimpse on some of the quests of the game and the scenes in it.
Final Fantasy XV is scheduled for release on November 29. Check out the segment of Brien and Wood below:

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