'Watch Dogs 2' Review: Possible Game Of The Year Contender?

By R. A. Jayme - 15 Nov '16 07:45AM

"Watch Dogs 2" was proclaimed as anything but a success and is a proof that Ubisoft can learn from their mistakes.

"Watch Dogs 2" runs around the story of Marcus Holloway, an optimistic young hacker who's been wrongly flagged as a threat by ctOS: San Francisco's all-seeing security and data system. The ctOS stores every web page you visit, every purchase you make and every video you download on a server, creating a picture from the data - along with your background, upbringing and ethnicity - and applying a risk percentage next to your name based on the figures, as told by Telegraph.

Although the graphics of the game was incomparable to "Uncharted 4," it was still decent and somehow superb. "Watch Dogs 2's" San Francisco Bay Area is varied and gorgeous with the detailed golden glow of sunrise or as the neon lights zip by during the night. An Alcatraz Island is sitting in the middle of the Bay is free to explore, or to boat and swim around.

According to the review by Forbes, The hacking/stun-gun combo is the game's "sweet spot." The stun-gun is said to be an essentially one-hit kill weapon, although enemies will eventually wake up again. There more tools available for hacking, from the ability to remote control any car, to setting up proximity booby traps all over a level and the gamer's favorite: how the player be able to forge evidence against a person and leak it to either the cops or gang members who will descend on the target (and their friends). The player can clear out an entire enemy base by calling the cops on a gang member and have the two groups shoot it out until you're home free to collect whatever you need to.

The hacking was focus by the creators and is channeled into two new tools, the RC car and the drone. Both tools are said to be controlled very, very well, and are key in order to make your way through the game's increasingly complicated missions. The quadcopter drone lets you scout out an area from on high, showing you ways to approach or setting up hacking traps remotely.

The RC car can travel through vents and perform physical hacks to unlock data or open doors, as well as make guards deviate from their set paths. Controls are also given to forklifts and cranes which you also control remotely, but said interface is not as good s the RC and the drone itself.

Many said that the sequel should have been in many ways present in "Watch Dogs." The plot is geniusly-crafted as it includes satire about the San Francisco area and its culture, but nothing approaching HBO's Silicon Valley's wit.

"Watch Dogs 2" 

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher: Ubisoft

Released: November 15th, 2016

Price: $59.99

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