[UPDATE] How to Defeat Merged Zamasu? - Insights from Dragon Ball Super Producer Atsushi Kido

By Jayde Winston - 10 Nov '16 14:00PM

Our source @Herms98 gave us a taste of the Dragon Ball Super Episodes hangover. Recently, he posted photos of written answers from Atsushi Kido about the numerous questions of Dragon Ball Super Fandom. The interview is more likely about who's the strongest of all the gods, the power of Merged Zamasu and Trunks.

The first question answered by Atsushi Kido is who's the strongest? Probably, the question is referring to the lists of god's in the Dragon Ball Super Saga. Kido answered, "The God of Destruction" Beerus. He mentioned that Beerus is incredibly strong. Although, eliminating Beerus in the picture, his second choice is Goku Black since he used Son Goku's power as his platform and develop his strengths in his unique way.

The second question is Merged Zamasu is Unbeatable? Kido called Merged as a cheat character basing from all Dragon Ball Super standards. He explained that Merged Zamasu has unmatched powers that can take his enemies instantly. Also, Merged Zamasu possesses the power of immortality that void all his enemies attacks plus the different techniques he has to develop.

Kido announced as well that Merged Zamasu has a weakness, and that is because he was originally one person. In order to defeat Merged Zamasu is to remove the mortal body of Son Goku. This action will definitely prove fatal to Merged Zamasu since Goku Black is part of his body. Thus, Goku and the rest of the party have a shot of victory.

Kido also added that Trunks would have the moment to shine. His strengths and actions will be the key factor in defeating Merged Zamasu so "keep your eyes peeled" says Kido. Certainly, the answers of Kido will cut all debates in the world of the fandoms.

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