Apple Released Update for iOS 10.1.1 to Fix Minor Bugs

By Vins B - 10 Nov '16 14:33PM

In order to deal with minor bug fixes, Apple released an update for iOS 10.1.1. Although it is available with an updated build number, the update, however, is very minimal that it doesn't require a full 10.x.x number change.

The update that was released yesterday comes with a build number of 14B150. To note, the iOS 10.1.1, which was released last October, comes with 14B100 build number. The said update is available as a download and is not available over-the-air. You can go to Setting, General, and click Update Software on your iOS devices.

Right now, Apple did not release any additional information for the updated version, so there is no telling what the change brings or what kind of bug it fixes. But during the past, when there was an iOS build number change, they are normally related to server update hence an OTA update is very unlikely.

If you are currently on iOS 10.1.1, then there is no need to download this recent update. But for those who have to install the iOS 10.1.1 just yet, the new build is a must, especially if they like to avail of the next big update that is rumored to arrive very soon. The iOS 10.1.1 is very important because it will deal with the bug that is messing up with the phone's Health data, which suddenly became unavailable in iOS 10.1.

On the other hand, Apple confirms that they are currently working on iOS 10.2. The second version of the software was released this week among registered public beta testers and developers. The new update will come with bigger improvements like new emojis, TV app, wallpaper, new camera features, and a lot more.It is said to bring lots of changes which makes iOS users very keen about it. The iOS 10.2 is expected to be released next month.

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