Keijo Season 2 SPOILERS; Nozomi Follows Dream Through Keijo; Challenging Times Ahead?

By Chad Jarvis - 11 Nov '16 06:11AM

"Keijo", an animated illustration starred by Nozomi is now being raved by millions of viewers.  The series is adapted from a Japanese manga is taking its hit. The series received favorable response from the millions of viewers.  The anime is from the collaborated work of the director Hideya Takahashi and the script writer, Takao Kato. 

"Keijo" a gambling sport in Japan is licensed by FUNimation and can be followed via video streaming through Crunchyroll. Takahashi employed a shounen feel like atmosphere, making you associate the fight scenes with famous anime's such as Shokugeki no Soma, Dragon Ball Super and One Punch Man.

The story follows the life of an athletic Nozomi Kaminashi, a gymnastics student of 'Keijo'.  The term Keijo refers to a sports fad in Japan involving a competition of young woman fighting in a water-filled stadium. The contenders aim to incapacitate their opponent such us pushing them down into the water, using their sensitive parts, the chest and buttocks. 

The series banks on Nozomi's story of challenges while training at 'Keijo' School.  Her adventures, friends and the people met along the way. The lead star exchanges her dreams of joining the Olympics for 'Keijo' because she believes that this is the easiest way to provide for the needs of her family.

Nozomi's intense character and hunger for competition and winning raves the viewers to all the more follow the series.  Nozomi's ultimate desire is to become the richest player of 'Keijo' in Japan.

Many viewers are in favor of the upcoming season 2.  Proof - the anime received a score of 7.23 out of 10, basing from 11,650 user votes; that is according to MyAnimeList.  Even the website Crunchyroll viewers rated the action series, favoring 3.6 stars from 5 being the highest, basing on reviews and user votes.

Can't wait for the second season of 'Keijo'? Keep in touched for the upcoming updates.

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