‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 66, 67 Spoilers: To Bid Future Trunks Farewell, Death Flag Raised?

By R. A. Jayme - 09 Nov '16 08:39AM

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 66 previews confirms that Son Goku and Vegeta would be fusing in order to curb the threat of Merged God Zamasu. There was a brief leak on the title of Episode 67 that has provoked its loyal viewers to speculate some controversial rumors. If the rumors are to be believed, Future Trunks would bid farewell in Episode 67.

According to Inquisitr, the leak was released by Gojitaaf, whose Facebook page usually features English translations of Dragon Ball-related releases from Japan. While further leaks on the month's coming episodes have been posted, only Episode 67's title has so far been translated into English. While very brief, Episode 67's title speaks volumes. According to Gojitaaf, the 67th episode would carry the title "Farewell, Trunks."

Some believes that the well-loved Z fighter would be meeting an untimely end and some stating that Son Goku and Vegeta would simply be saying goodbye because they would be going back to the present. With Son Goku and Vegeta fused together, the only sacrificial lamb left would be Future Trunks. While the preview for Episode 66, titled "Showdown! The Unyielding Warrior's Miraculous Power" has confirmed the appearance of Vegito, Son Goku and Vegeta's fused warrior, the brief teaser did not really give the impression that the intense battle against the corrupted Kaioshin would be definitively ending, according to Inquisitr.

"Dragon Ball" series is proven to possess a habit of making its characters to meet death. Over the last few decades, multiple characters have already been killed off, only to be resurrected by the end of the arc. Apart from this, the current arc has done nothing but build up Future Trunks' character, granting him a still-unnamed false Super Saiyan God transformation and making him one of the most sympathetic characters in the entire Dragon Ball universe.

Recently, "Dragon Ball Super" has managed to topple its longtime rival, "One Piece," which has outranked DBS in Japanese TV ratings for quite some time, according to Crunchy Roll.

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