Kodak To Launch First Phone at CES 2015: Android Smartphone to Sport Exceptional Photography, Imaging

By Steven Hogg - 29 Dec '14 11:16AM

Kodak will put is imaging expertise into smartphones for consumers to take advantage of both great photography as well as rich user experience.

Kodak is jumping into the smartphone arena with first of its many Android smartphones that will be shown at the CES 2015 event next month. The new smartphone will be one of many that Kodak will launch throughout 2015 in partnership with Bullitt Group, a smartphone building company. As the company's core expertise lies in the imaging industry, the same will be integrated into smartphone devices to bring a robust user experience.

Kodak's new line of devices will go against giants like Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola and HTC, but a new entry in highly-compact smartphone industry is usually put through high levels of obstacles. The imaging company did not reveal any specifics about the upcoming smartphone but said it aims to bring best image management software paired with great design and user-friendly interface. That makes for quite an appeal but effective pricing will play a major role in the smartphone's growth.

"Delivering simplicity without compromise, these devices will address a segment of the mobile device market that has been poorly served to date," Oliver Schulte, CEO Bullitt Mobile, said in a press statement. "By giving customers easy access to printing and sharing services while still offering the latest Android OS and features found on high-end smartphones, we will appeal to a large audience of users who value ease of use and stylish design as highly as they value functionality."

In addition to that, Kodak smartphone aims at delivering advanced remote controlling feature through pre-installed software that will allow users to remotely assist others with any settings and functions. Kodak also hinted support for wireless printing of photographs as a part of the smartphone's feature.

Kodak's product portfolio will not be limited to smartphones as it is planning to launch a tablet and a connected camera next year. There will also be a 4G smartphone that will be launched during the second quarter of 2015, according to Kodak.

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