'Final Fantasy' Latest News & Update: Specs, Features Unveiled; Dimensions II' RPG App Revealed

By R. A. Jayme - 04 Nov '16 07:57AM

Square Enix's teaser site revealed the Final Fantasy Legends II smartphone game sequel on Wednesday. The site is streaming a teaser video for the game. Square Enix has has made "Final Fantasy Legends II" avaiable for iOS and Android.

In their teaser website, we could see the same logo and a message written in Japanese from game creator Takashi Tokita, which translates as: "Final Fantasy is about characters filled with human appeal. About dramatic battles of anger and sadness. And more than anything, we should not forget that it is about fantasy."

The video indicates that the game will be a "standard" Final Fantasy game that will have learned from the past, featuring event scenes with super-deformed portrayals of characters. In a message at the end of the teaser trailer for the title, game creator Takashi Tokita says, "The series' previous title was Warriors of Light and Darkness, and while Space-Time Crystal followed that flow, Final Fantasy Dimensions II is a rebirth. This a "Final Fantasy" legend that will unfold in a new space-time."

The Bit Bag speculated that if Final Fantasy Dimensions II will follow the original plot, it will possibly be an episodic game featuring a 2D graphic and job ability system. The players will focus on defeating the darkness as warriors of light and claiming the Crystals. Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 might use an Active Time Battle system as well. The player will control a maximum party of five during the whole game where you can alternately change according to your job preference.

Square Enix  released the first game in the series in Japan with the title "Final Fantasy Legends: Hikari to Yami no Sensh"i (Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness) in 2010, but released it in the West in 2012 with the title Final Fantasy Dimensions, as reported by Gematsu. Those who pre-register for the game in the official website will get the Phantom Stone item from Final Fantasy X, and the "Fraternity" weapon.

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