'American Horror Story' Season 6 Spoilers; Roanoke Nightmare Updates; Lana Winters Returns

By Marguerite Chang - 02 Nov '16 03:39AM

"American Horror Story" Season 6 will have one of the favorites from Season 2 'Asylum'. Lana Winters (Sarah Paulson) will be back. Although it is not clear if this will be a one-time thing or she will be joining the cast for the whole season but nevertheless, she is back!

Season 2 Flashback

In "American Horror Story" Season 2, Lana barely escaped Briarcliff and Bloody Face. She was investigating the asylum. She was then committed to the mental hospital after she had a fight with Sister Jude. They eventually became friends when Sister Jude was also committed in Briarcliff.

In the season finale, she faced her son and then eventually killed him.

Season 6 - Roanoke

Fast forward to "American Horror Story" season 6 - Roanoke. After thinking of not ever being able to see her play the role again, Lana is back. Will she be writing a book about what has been happening? Fans are speculating that she will.

Now that Lana is back, what will happen to Audrey? One theory suggests that Audrey and Lana will not be seen together on the screen or probably the farm house will be the end of Audrey.

"American Horror Story" season 6 will definitely give the fans' beloved Lana Banana a very important role in the season.

"American Horror Story" season 6 began with the 'My Roanoke Nightmare'.

There will be a lot of crossovers between shows in this season. 'Coven' and Murder House' will be crossing over to AHS. Ryan Murphy, AHS' Executive Producer has already tweeted about the cross
overs and that they will be "bizarre.

How this will pan out will keep the viewers speculating. If there is one thing sure, AHS season 6 will not disappoint.

"American Horror Story: season 6 will show how interwoven the past seasons are. One proof if this is Lana's return.

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