Girlfriend horribly watched boyfriend being held at gunpoint via facetime

By Margaret S. White - 26 Oct '16 11:29AM

A college student from Austin, Texas was robbed, hit and held at gunpoint at his apartment at 2300 block of Wickersham Lane, near East Riverside Drive. Yale Gerstein, was speaking to his girlfriend via face time when he heard scratching on the door. Curious about the disturbing sound, he opened the door, and three men came barging in. The men were armed and were shouting as they evade the apartment.   

Click2houston reported that the girlfriend whose name is Baylee Luciani, was watching what was happening through facetime. She was  terrified and heard one of the suspects said: " I'm going to blow your head off, I'm going to kill you." The suspects were looking directly at the camera and this made her more nervous. Luciani started to grab screenshots of her boyfriend and the robbers' act of violence. She then sends it to 911. The facetime connection was lost later because one of the suspects disconnected the computer.   

Yale Gerstein said: "They were hitting me in the head with the pistol saying 'face down.'" Gerstein said. "Just don't get shot, just don't get shot... that was on my mind." in the KXAN.COM report. One of the three suspects was pointing the gun to Gerstein, and one was beating him on his bed. According to KSN.COM, the robbers stole thousands worth of music equipment. The suspects were wearing gloves, one of them was wearing a ghost mask that is usually used during the Halloween. Suspects ran off from the apartment complex, getting into an old white Police Cruiser.The  Police detective identified the case as isolated and pending for investigation. Therefore they cannot release much information at the moment.  

It was a traumatic experience for Yale Gerstain as he was just starting as a solo music artist and just finished his first album. For a college student who is just beginning his career, he felt everything was lost.   

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