Google News & Updates : Company To Have An Eye-Tracking Start-Up As It Acquires Eyefluence

By Leby Nightray - 27 Oct '16 08:33AM

Before you get all excited let's make it clear; Google is watching what you are looking as Eyefluence will be joining Google's team as Eyefluence announced it.

Eyefluence is founded in 2013 according to Business Insider. Jim Marggraff, founder of the Eyefluence who is working on virtual reality and augmented reality applications that tracks eye behavior, is an entrepreneur who previously founded Livescribe that is now acquired by Anoto. And it looks like Google is also watching Eyefluence.

This November, the Daydream View virtual reality headset will be available with Google launching it according to ZDNet. This may bring the VR apps to mainstream. To make this device even better, the eye-tracking components is one of the things that must be considered. Now it might have been the reason Google has been eyeing Eyefluence.

What makes Eyefluence different from the other companies, like SMI and Tobii, is that Eyefluence focuses on the eye gestures cues that can navigate menus and selections according to TechCrunch. In other words, it makes use of the user's eyes as the mouse. Other than the use of the eyes as the mouse there are other technical use like foveated rendering that chooses areas of the screen to show images using high-density displays that will result at a lower-resolution based to where you are actually focused.

As of now, the company has raised a total of $21.6 million in two rounds. Intel Capital and Motorola Venture Capital as the investors and NHN Investment, Jazz Venture Partners and Dolby Family Ventures participated.

Google is very serious with its virtual reality headset and it is not shocking that Eyefluence was chosen to be acquired by Google. People can see that Eyefluence was chosen because of its incredible team, strong partnership and advance eye-interaction technology that makes it a good choice.

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