'Watch Dogs' 2 Would Beat GTA 5; Ubisoft Revealed Some Of An In-Game Parody Of Some Real-World Personalities

By KC Parker - 25 Oct '16 07:06AM

Ubisoft is about to launch the "Watch Dogs" 2 next month and it's now gaining a lot praise though it is not out yet. Several reports show that Ubisoft is able to deliver what is promised in "Watch Dogs" 2 and it might beat the GTA 5.

The Aus Gamers were able to take a hand-on test of the upcoming "Watch Dogs" 2. It has been said the in the first "Watch Dogs" game, it feels like a kind of boring game when players make their way through the middle of the game. Repetitive hacking, hacking and hacking.

Moving forward, the "Watch Dogs" 2 is not just simple hacking or criminal game. The game design is now similar to Grand Theft Auto V or GTA 5, but with more added features and a greater visual graphics. As per the Venture Beat, almost everything in the game was taken out in realistic atmosphere, environment and real-world events.

Players take control of Marcus Halloway, a hacktivist, member of the hacking group called DedSec. Halloway will be controlled as he makes his way to several obstacles of every mission. Hacking will be joined with shooting, driving and a couple of parkour stunts as Halloway's basic skills and talents.

The environment looks pretty amazing with Ubisoft's game design. Using his beloved smartphone, Marcu Halloway can hack almost everything in the smart city of San Francisco and Chicago. Marcus will also now have some mechanical sets of skills as The Wired mentioned.

Meanwhile, according to the report of Kotaku, "Watch Dogs" also features some funny stuffs and in-game parody. The politician name Thruss, the Nudle Map, the hacktivist group called the Anonymous, the Night Rider car counterpart called Cyberdriver, Gene Carcani the counterpart of the real-world Turing Pharma CEO Martin Shkreli and many other stuffs to discover.

Ubisoft is giving a lot of reasons for us fans to buy and love the "Watch Dogs" 2. "Watch Dogs" 2 will be released on November 15 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, while it will launch on Windows PC later on November 29th.

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