Humans Ready For AI? Artificial Intelligence Could be Dangerous, Here's Why

By Rita Mendoza - 24 Oct '16 07:33AM

Artificial Intelligence tickles the fancy of many. With the proliferating "smart" products such as smartphones, smart home devices, machines are currently being made "smarter" than humans. While this is the next "it" subject for the future generations, as with all aspects, there are risks that come with it.

There are over 8,000 leading researchers and scientists including Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates, who signed an open letter insinuating the AI's possible detrimental effects to humanity. Tech Crunch writes, "Their main concern is that an existential risk faces humanity: an AI in control of autonomous weapons."

In addition to that, Stephen Hawking says, "Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history," but he adds, "Unfortunately, it might also be the last, unless we learn how to avoid the risks." In an Observer Opinion report, there are U.S. scientists who are already using algorithms on computers, which can predict military strategies of terrorists. As a matter of fact, in an International Joint Conference last 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, well-known AI specialists issued a letter warning, "The ethical dilemma of bestowing moral responsibilities on robots calls for rigorous safety and preventative measures that are fail-safe, or the threats are too significant to risk."

Indeed, this sounds a bit Terminator-like in theory. However, according to FutureOfLife.Org, there are researchers who believe that there are two scenarios wherein Artificial Intelligence might become dangerous. First is if the Artificial Intelligence is programmed to do something destructive. Next is that if Artificial Intelligence is programmed to do something good, but ends up developing a devastating way to achieve its goals.

Artificial Intelligence, once perfected, is a force to reckon with as it could surpass human capabilities. While the idea of having robots sounds cool, the question that should be answered is, "Are we really ready for AI?"

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