Brad Pitt Fails To File Answer; Angelina Jolie May Get Default Judgment

By K. Aviles - 22 Oct '16 07:18AM

Actor Brad Pitt prefers to keep mum on the divorce proceedings with estranged wife Angelina Jolie in an attempt to avoid fight on the custody of their six children, reports say. When Jolie filed for the divorce a month ago, Pitt was supposed to file for his answer on Wednesday, but waived his right to be heard as he does not want to drag his six children into the legal battle.

By filing his answer to the petition for divorce, Brad Pitt thinks it will only fuel a disgusting battle between Angelina Jolie and himself, TMZ reports. He'd rather avert a war custody-where his estranged wife prayed for sole physical custody while he sought for joint custody. According to Pitt, if he files an answer, their respective counsels will be forced to draw their lines.

But while the intent in waiving his answer seemed "heroic," the legal consequences may not be favorable to him. Failing to file an answer to the allegations on a specific period would put him in default and the court, hearing on the petition, may issue a judgment in default, granting Jolie's prayer based solely on the documents she presented.

The "Tomb Raider" actress cited anger and substance abuse as among the grounds in filing for the divorce against the "Troy" actor. Reports circulated that the divorce was sparked by an altercation between Brad Pitt and eldest child Maddox on board a private jet plane on their flight home from Nice, France. Although no confirmation was taken from both sides, stories were published that Brad Pitt lost control of himself when he and Angelina Jolie argued and their son Maddox interfered to defend Jolie. The actor allegedly became verbally and physically abusive to Maddox.

During the first visit by Pitt to his children, Maddox reportedly refused to see his father and it was only on Wednesday that the father and son met, but with a therapist's supervision. A report from Entertainment Online says Brad Pitt does not have to file any pleading.

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