'One Piece Chapter 843' Spoilers: Big Mom Arc About To End? Reiju Sacrifices To Help Sanji Escape Wedding

By KLDatoy - 20 Oct '16 19:31PM

"One Piece Chapter 843" spoilers reveal that the Big Mom Arc will continue in this chapter and is nearing its end as the Straw Hats head for Big Mom's castle to rescue Sanji. Meanwhile, Sanji's sister Reiju will make a sacrifice to help save her brother.

To recall, Luffy finally defeated Charlotte Cracker with the help of Nami. But apart from Big Mom's offspring who is also known as "Thousand Arms," there could also be more villains that Luffy will face before he can finally go rescue Luffy.

Apart from that, Carrot and Chopper are still trapped in the mirror world of Brulee but according to spoilers, they will finally meet Nami and Luffy while randomly appearing in mirrors. On the other hand, Brook and Pedro will finally arrive at the place where the Road Poneglyph is.

While the wedding preparation is done, it will be ruined when Cracker arrives because of his enormous weight. "One Piece Chapter 843" spoilers state that this is one reason why the wedding will be canceled. Cracker will warn them that Luffy is coming to ruin the wedding.

There is also a theory stating that the Vinsmokes will change their mind about letting Sanji marry Big Mom's daughter Lady Pudding after Big Mom threatened to liquidate them if their mission fails. Sanji's sister Reiju will help him to slip away from the wedding. But it is noted that security is tight which makes others believe that Reiju would need to sacrifice herself in order to help Sanji.

"One Piece Chapter 843" spoilers also reveal that Pekoms and Tamago will disguise a bomb that they stole from a treasure of Fishman Island and hand it to the Vinsmokes as a gift. By the time the Vinsmokes get the gift, it will explode. This will create a new conflict between the Vinsmokes and the Yonkou.

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