Abigail Ratchford: ‘The Queen Of Instgram’ Knows How To Stay On Top Of It

By Jojan Mathew - 17 Oct '16 18:47PM

Abigail Ratchford, who is often called as "The Queen of Instagram", as she became very successful and well known with her Instagram posts. She knows how to make huge follower-base in instagram with her photos and videos regularly been posted. The Los Angeles based model is using every opportunity she gets in Social media and converting it into revenue. While maintaining perfect body shape, she plans to cascade her beauty secrets and workout plans to the fans by starting a YouTube channel.

She has 5.7 million followers in Instagram. She is not just limited to Instgram and also has 3.5 million followers in her Facebook account and 409K followers in Twitter. She uses some strategies to achieve greater success in social media, reports Maxim.

  She says that she gets powerful photographs posted in Instagram, which can be re-posted multiple times. Photos in bathtub wearing towel is more engaging than beach photos. Excellent selfies play an important role in the posts; take as many as selfies and choose the one that is more attractive and looks natural. Well-crafted videos would help the audience to stay in the profile for long time. Occasional upload of video with great engagement potential would encourage people to revert back to profile, cited by Fox News.

Involving the audience in the postings is very important. Ratchford involves them by asking them to caption some photos or would post split-screen photos with questions "Left or Right?" She chooses to ignore the trolls and people with nasty comments would be blocked from her account. This helps her to comfortably avoid trouble makers and get good people into the profile. Also she uses references from movies as caption to make it more self-explanatory. In her opinion, people should be more creative to do that.

Abigail Ratchford, who modeled for Playboy, has earned millions through her Instagram account so far. She also has a clothing brand, she sells the products through her official website, per Mirror.

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