'Grand Theft Auto' 6 Release Date, Update, News: GTA 6 Too Expensive, Release Delayed

By KLDatoy - 15 Oct '16 22:01PM

One of the top games from Rockstar Games is Grand Theft Auto. Until now, many are still into GTA 5 but as expected, the gamers are also looking forward to the release of GTA 6. But new reports reveal that its release will be delayed.

The development of Grand Theft Auto 6 is reportedly suspended indefinitely. According to speculations, this could be because the cost of the game is too much for Rockstar Games.

GTA 5 is a huge success which is the reason why many are anticipating for GTA 6. One reason that the game is successful is because Rockstar made big investments for programmers to keep it updated and fresh. Although they are making big money from it, it may not suffice the completion of GTA 6 as of this moment.

According to reports, it affected the development of GTA 6 since it would threaten the finances from GTA 5 and may even jeopardize the investment of Rockstar. The cost in making GTA 6 is also very huge which explains the delay.

Rumors indicate that GTA 6 will cost $500 million. This is because Rockstar Games planned to include VR support for GTA 6. With that, the cost of development has doubled from GTA 5 which is worth $250 million. The revenue of the GTA 5 is currently estimated to be about $1 billion.

As for the GTA 6 release date, it is possible that it will be delayed for another two years. Usually, a new sequel is released after five years which means GTA 6 could be out by 2018 but because of its VR feature, it will take another two years which means it would probably be out by the year 2020.

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