Jaden Smith Gay: Actor In Love With Rapper Lil B?

By KLDatoy - 15 Oct '16 22:02PM

After the Jaden Smith, dead stories surfaced on the internet, another rumor about the young actor is out. This time, it says that he is gay. With that, many are searching online asking, "Is Jaden Smith gay?"

Well, we are all aware that Jaden loves to wear girl clothes. He was seen wearing skirts and dresses many times. But aside from that, he also became the face of Louis Vuitton girls’ line. He is the first ever male model for Louis Vuitton.

Although he is in a relationship with the 21-year-old model, Sarah Snyder, there are still rumors that he is gay. Recently, some websites revealed that he is deeply in love with Rapper Lil B.

Celebrity reported that Jaden hooked up with Lil B during the recording session for Lil B’s 3rd studio album G.B.P. or Gay Black & Proud. It added that the two instantly fell in love and that they don't care about what the world will say about it.

When Jaden was asked about what attracted him to the rapper, he said:“I was nervous at first but he broke me right in and now I love getting my pelvic bone pushed back, thank you based god.”

It is also reported that Lil B calls the actor as his Hollywood love bug. He also insisted that he is not taking advantage of Jaden's celebrity status.

Apart from his alleged relationship with Lil B, the Jaden Smith gay rumor was sparked when he had a kissing scene with a guy in "The Get Down." He is also vocal in supporting LGBT.

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