World War 3: Putin Launching Missles, Russia Preparing For Battle?

By KLDatoy - 14 Oct '16 20:24PM

It appears that World War 3 may be happening soon as Russia launches the Topol missile from a submarine in the Barents Sea. This missile is considered as the fastest in the world.

"This is a conflict, there should be no doubt," said Matthew Rojansky, director of the Kennan Institute at the Wilson Center, according to CNN.

According to reports, RS-12M Topol is a deadly, single-warhead intercontinental ballistic missile which covers a range of 10,000 kilometres or 6,125 miles. This can also bear nuclear warhead, with a yield of 550 kilotons.

Three ballistic missiles were recently launched by Russia. Aside from the Topol missile, another missile was launched from a north-west island. A nuke rocket from a Pacific Fleet submarine was also launched in the Sea of Okhotsk over Japan.

Just recently, two rockets were launched aiming at the coast of Antalya, Turkey where many UK nationals are holidaying. Although there are no casualties with the launch, many are speculating that it could be Russia who did the rocket attack.

Meanwhile, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shogi said that World War 3 is not happening. He stipulated that the launch are "normal combat training manoeuvres" and will not be a threat to world peace.

"The ideas of a military war, a new cold war or an arms race are being circulated. Of course, it is not true," he said.

In another news, Russian President Vladimir Putin is calling out Russian relatives of officials who are living or schooling abroad to go back home. This move could be because of the possibility of sparking World War 3 anytime due to the conflict of US and Russia over the civil war in Syria.

It is known that Russia sent airstrikes to Syria to kill the rebels. But the concern of US is the innocent lives being taken because of the attacks. Since Russia has expressed their intention to pulverize and flatten Aleppo, there is a possibility that US and UK will intervene by reviewing the military options of the Russian campaign.

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