Oldest American Man Dies at 110

By Casey Morada - 25 Dec '14 14:17PM

A supercentenarian residing in northern Illinois recognized as the oldest man in the U.S. has died at 110 years and 338 days.

Conrad Johnson from Rockford, Illinois passed away on Tuesday. The director of the funeral home handling Johnson's arrangements also confirmed his death, writes Gulf News.

The Swedish-born Johnson lived in Rockford most of his life starting from when he left his family farm to move to the U.S. at 19 years old. He then pursued a career on carpentry.

He was married twice but never had children. His first wife died in 1988 after suffering from Parkinson's disease while his second wife lost a battle with cancer in 2002, the Daily Mail reported.

He was one of ten children and had lots of nephews and nieces but outlived them all. His only survivor is a nephew, Edward Johnson of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The Rev. Jane McChesney of Tabor Lutheran Church knew Johnson well. She described him as smart, good-humoured, "a self-made man" and "very giving."

On his 109th birthday, he told the Register Star, "I feel good and I haven't been sick for a long, long time." He said that he owed his long life to daily exercise, a diet of oatmeal for breakfast, daily prayers and early nights.

Johnson lived in his home in Rockford until 102 and then moved to a retirement community. He was moved to a nursing home after he suffered a stroke in April.

Senior database administrator for the national Gerontology Research Group, Robert Young, confirmed that Johnson was the oldest verified American man, although there are several women known to be older.

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