Leonardo Di Caprio Tells Obama He Will Be Going to Mars with Elon Musk

By Pankaj Mondal - 05 Oct '16 18:07PM

Leonardo Di Caprio has sailed on the famous Titanic, combated grizzly bears in the barbarous Wild West, dated the most beautiful women in Hollywood besides exploring dreams. Now at the age of 41, the hunk says that he's going to take a REAL tour of Mars. That's what he told at the White House on Monday to President Barack Obama. The revelation occurred while he was discussing with the President about climate change. He said that he has signed up for visiting Mars on Elon Musk's maiden trip to the Red Planet, according to a report published on Business Insider. Musk, CEO of Space X and Tesla Motors, has planned to get humans to Mars latest by 2025.

The President, climate scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe and the actor took the stage at the end of the evening for a discussion on climate change before the premiere of Di Caprio's latest documentary on the subject titled Before The Flood.

The topic of Space X and Mars shot up when Hayhoe started talking about the dire need for people to get connected with the facts on climate change on a universal level. She said that people who have signed up for the trip are crazy to which Di Caprio replied that he indeed had. The President chuckled, stating that the actor would acknowledge his craziness.

It's time that people start empowering leaders who are willing to do something on climate change, said Di Caprio. The tickets to the highly dangerous 30-day voyage have a price tag of $200,000 each. Even though it's unclear whether the millionaire actor really wants to visit Mars and eventually perish in the process, he seems to be serious on the topic of climate change and states that leaders who do not give a thought to the subject should not be permitted to hold public office.

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