DC Comics to Unveil New 'Justice League of America' Roster

By Yuri Mangahas - 05 Oct '16 18:09PM

DC Comics will be relaunching the Justice League of America books yet again by introducing a brand new roster to the lineup, which will coincide with the recently announced comic book crossover between the Suicide Squad and the Justice League.

This new JLA series will be penned by Supergirl writer Steve Orlando with lineart by DC comic book event stalwart Ivan Reis. The company promises that the lineup will be a diverse mix of the best (and the worst) from the DC Universe.

In light of this impending relaunch, four one-shot specials will be released, highlighting each of the new leaguer into the spotlight.

The first new leaguer announced is the second Atom, Ryan Choi. As DC's description tells, he is a "prodigious theoretical physics student, hyper-allergic and crippling social anxiety sufferer." His first day as a college student will bring him into the very core of the DC Universe.

Mari Mccabe, better known as Vixen, returns from obscurity years after her departure from the Justice League books. She is now a businesswoman and a fashion icon, albeit her crimefighting ways had never changed.

Newcomer Ray joins the league as its third member. His description points out to the hero as a solitary freak, with a medical condition that may prove fatal to himself.

Completing the new roster is Killer Frost, who will do all kinds of attempts to gain parole from Belle Reve and take her place in the League. However, with Amanda Waller in the mix, things might prove difficult for the former Suicide Squad member.

These four, unlikely heroes will be teaming up in the JLA line's upcoming relaunch this February, and will see a twice-per-month publishing schedule.

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