New 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Trailer Feature Starter Evolutions and Ash-Greninja

By Yuri Mangahas - 06 Oct '16 13:17PM

A new trailer has been posted for the upcoming handheld game "Pokemon Sun and Moon," revealing the evolved forms of the Alola Region starters - Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. It also sheds light on some of the game's features, including the return of a familiar face from the Anime.

The first evolved Pokemon featured was Dartrix. Rowlet's evolved form is capable of performing moves without any trace of sound, coupled by its innate ability to fly silently. Furthermore, its feathers can be used as projectile blades which can be hurled to an opposing Pokemon. Its Leafage ability, on the other hand, allows Dartrix to attack using leaves.

Next up is Torracat, Litten's evolved form. Categorized as a Fire Cat Pokemon, its bell-like accessory is actually a sac that houses organically-produced flames. It emits a bell-like sound every time Torracat attempts to spew fire from the sac. It has excellent senses, capable of dodging and being aware of the events around it.

The last of the starter evolutions, Brionne is a water-type Pokemon stemming from the Sea Lion Pokemon Popplio. Suitable for Pokemon Contests, Brionne is capable of dancing and imitating the moves of humans. It can also be handy in battle as it could serve some sort of distraction to his enemies. Like Dartrix, it can also utilize the ability Leafage.

In addition, a playable demo of the game will be available prior to the game's release. The said DLC will allow the player to traverse a portion of Alola alongside Greninja. Furthermore, if the player's Friendship Stats are high enough, Greninja will be able to tap Bond Phenomenon, allowing it to transform to Ash-Greninja, his Mega Evolution-like form in the anime series "Pokemon XY & Z." Similar to the aforementioned mechanic, Ash Ketchum's intense bond with his Greninja had allowed the duo to tap the ability of Bond Phenomenon, and had used it countless times during the span of Ash's Kalos League journey. There is also an option for the player to transfer Greninja from the demo to the main game.

 It was also revealed that Mega Evolution will still remain as a key part of the game like previous entries of the franchise.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" is slated for a November 18 release.

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