‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Air Date, Spoilers, News, Update: Premiere Date Confirmed, Mobile App Released

By KLDatoy - 03 Oct '16 21:54PM

 Due to the overwhelming support of the first season, "One Punch Man" Season 2 is expected by fans and it is said that the show's second season is officially confirmed.

Animation studios Madhouse confirmed that "One Punch Man" Season 2 is happening through a Twitter post. The announcement comes with a promotional image featuring Saitama's fist with the words "One Punch Man" 2, Game N Guide reported.

As of now, there are no exact details about the release of the season yet. The number of episodes wasn't revealed too but the studio assured fans that they will be releasing more details about the anime soon.

According to reports, it's possible that "One Punch Man" Season 2 will be released on 2017 together with the smart phone mobile game app which was also confirmed by the staff.

The tweet when translated in English says, "Today 9 / 25 held in one Pan fall Festival TV animation 'Wampanman' No. 2 stage productions have been announced. Further information on official website & Twitter publicizes."

The plot of the second season suggests that it will deviate from the original material and will highlight on the origin or back story of Saitama. It is also reported that Saitama will be facing different enemies including Amai Mask, Garou and another face off with Lord Boros who returned to fight with him.

Fans are also worried about the reports that Saitama will be losing his abilities and would be weak but it appears that this is just temporary and the protagonist will regain his strength once again.

"One punch Man" started as a web comic made written by an author with pseudonym ONE and was remade by Yusuke Murata. Its first season featured 12 episodes which were aired in Japan from October to December 2015.

The anime, which focuses on Saitama who fights evil monsters using his powerful punch, gained global popularity which is one reason why the show is getting another season.

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