Supergirl, The Flash, Green Arrow, and The Legends Figure in Four-Way 'Fight Club 2.0' Trailer; Annual Crossover Event's Villain Revealed by The CW

By Yuri Mangahas - 30 Sep '16 17:20PM

Following last year's tradition, The CW unveiled a new "Fight Club" inspired trailer featuring Green Arrow, The Flash, White Canary, Firestorm, ATOM, and a new participant in the form of newcomer Supergirl.

Here's the thing though: It can only be accessed through The CW's mobile app.

Unlike the last "Fight Club" trailer, the aforementioned heroes figure inside a training facility reminiscent to that of the Danger Room from the "X-Men" franchise. However, instead of fighting each other, they have joined forces to take down a GLaDOS-like machine, followed by a familiar threat from The Flash's gallery of villains.

In addition, "Arrow's" Felicity and Diggle, "The Flash's" Cisco, and "Supergirl's" Martian Manhunter made cameo appearances in the trailer.

On the other hand, things had gotten bigger with DC TV's annual crossover event. It was recently announced that the main villains for the four-part special will be the Dominators.

Created by Jim Shooter for DC's Adventure Comics line in the 60s, the Dominators are an alien species hailing from an empire called the Dominion, a rigid caste society which determines one's status quo and nobility by the size of the red dot in one's forehead. Known to be calculating and manipulative, the Dominators proved more than a match for the young Legion of Superheroes during their comic book debut. They have also figured heavily in the 1989 three-issue comic book event "Invasion," which saw the Dominators invading the Earth in full force.

No plot information were given by The CW just yet, but most people have speculated that the four-part special may harken the same feel as 1989's "Invasion" event. Moreso, "Arrow's" 100th episode falls the same week as the special, which will mark the return of both Laurel Lance and Deathstroke.

The new season of DCTV on The CW kicks off this Tuesday with The Flash at 8/7c on the CW.  That's followed by Arrow on Wednesday and Supergirl on Monday, October 10.  Rounding out the season premieres is Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday, October 13.

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