One-Punch Man Second Season Confirmed at 19 Episodes, Focus on Saitama's Past

By Staff Reporter - 27 Sep '16 03:57AM

Saitama will be back, it seems. The second season for One Punch Man is well underway and is finally confirmed! The tweet below says that in the One Punch Man Fall Festival, held on September 25, the second phase of production for the anime was announced.

It also seems that there will be a slight divergence to canon because the second season is rumored to focus on Saitama's past. In fairness, the manga doesn't cover much of the bald hero's past aside from defending that kid near the start barehanded. After a few training sequences with hair on, we only ever got to see Saitama as he is in the present, bald, hilarious, and very overpowered.

That said, even the characters in both the manga and the anime itself don't really believe that the training regimen he shared with them was the actual cause for his overwhelming power. Even Genos says that the 100 sit-ups, push-ups, squats and 10km run is basic. It certainly will be interesting to see any creative takes on the manga, as we all know that the anime isn't really 100% faithful to canon. Still, it's undeniable that Madhouse and director Shingo Natsume have done a very laudable job with this anime.

Further speculation for the content of the next season is the focus on the Hero's Association's fight with the Garou, who envisions himself as a monster that fights humans. On the other hand, Saitama is a hero who fights for fun. It's interesting to note that Garou's whole character, being the genius and prodigy, is the foil Saitama's almost ordinary and colorless presence.

Another rumor is abuzz that Amai Mask will play the villain to exploit whatever source of power Saitama has come across or used. This is in line with the ending of the first season, what with the arrogance and feel of the Class 1 Rank A hero.

The new episodes come at a hopeful October 2016 speculation, to the more conservative early 2017 prediction.

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