OnePlus 4 Release Date, Specs, Price, Rumors: Better Than iPhone 7?

By KLDatoy - 27 Sep '16 02:50AM

Following the successful launch of OnePlus 3, the upcoming OnePlus 4 is expected to be out on mid-2017 and is even believed to exceed iPhone 7 with its amazing features.

OnePlus 4 features a bigger random access memory with a built-in storage. While OnePlus 3 got six gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes built-in storage, the new phone will have 8 gigabytes of RAM.

Apart of having a larger built-in storage, it will also have a 256 gigabyte external storage using micro SD card. BitBag revealed that it will run with Snapdragon 830 processor launched with Android Nougat.

As for the camera, it is expected to have a powerful 21 MP or 23 MP rear camera with Sony sensor integration. It is also rumored to have an 8MP front camera for selfies.

Its body will be made of aluminum curved with 5.5 inch diagonal screen and Optic AMOLED display and 4k resolution. It is rumored that the design will have 3D technology.

The battery life is said to be 4000mAh battery and will have a long running time, Headlines and Global News reported. It is also speculated that the phone will feature wireless charging.

For the price, Tech Times speculate that it will be tagged over $400 on its launching since OnePlus was priced at $349, OnePlus 2 at $389 and OnePlus 3 at $399.

But all these specifications and features are mere rumors. Look forward for more updates about OnePlus 4.

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