'Street Fighter' 5 Update, Release Date, News & Update: Everything We Need To Know About The Update!

By Ikee Winters - 22 Sep '16 08:11AM

"Street Fighter" 5 update is to be released on PC and PS4. The highlight character of the game is Urien. This is the last announcement for six post-launch Season 1 DLC characters.

According to Inquisitr, Urien first appeared 20 years ago in "Street Fighter 3: Second Impact." Urien is the vice-president of the Illuminati and wants to take over the organization from his brother, Gill. Urien also wants to destroy Shadaloo.

Urien's character is described to be physically confident. He gains happiness from being dominant towards others and wants to see them crumble with his incredible power in "Street Fighter" 5.

In "Street Fighter 5," everytime that Urien wins a fight, he wers the sinister smile. his trademark is also a oinstriped shirt. He uses his powerful limbs and combos. For Urien to pressure opponents he uses his projectiles and this will lead to opponents giving in to him.

This "Street Fighter" 5 update does not only limit to the arrival of Urien. There are several inclusions to the game once the update is done. In this new update, players are able to earn more cash money. They also are able to cash in 5000 Fight Money right after the update. Players can also earn rewards. This is through fighting in ranked matches and playing in training mode. Every Daily Target though has a time limit.

In a report from iTechPost, after the "Street Fighter" 5 update the game will also have a 'vs CPU' mode. This mode is now since it was not included when the game was first launched in February. Capcom has just made this part of the update to cater to player's needs.

Additionally, "Street fighter" 5 update will also include new environmental stage knock outs. This is for Shadaloo Base and also the Hillside Plaza. Underground Arena, Forgotten Waterfall and Union State are also included. The Apprentice Alley, City in Chaos and Lair of the Four Kings are also getting the new environmental stage-looks.

The "Street Fighter" 5 is to be released on September 22, 2016.

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