Telltale Games' Walking Dead Season 3 announced: A New Frontier

By Staff Reporter - 05 Sep '16 09:00AM
Fans of Telltale Games' Walking Dead rejoice! A Brave Frontier, the game's third season, is coming this November. This was announced at PAX West gaming expo in Seattle. I'm sure that ever since the 2014 announcement of a third season in development, people have been awaiting this sequel quite eagerly.

Let's get right to it then. Besides the narrowed release window, Telltale also announced the return of Clementine, who first debuted in the game's first season, along with a newcomer: Javier. It's worth noting that the timeline has moved four years since the first two seasons. This piece of information allows fans to speculate on the formation of the character throughout her ordeals.

We first see Clementine as an eight year old child, a glimpse of innocence in a quickly deteriorating post-apocalyptic society. Personally, I think it's the presence of this same child that allows us to better empathize and relate with Lee, the first season's main protagonist. She serves as the ragtag group's moral compass in a lawless, ruthless world, being generally described as mature for her age, as well as polite and kind-hearted.

Lee serves as her protector early on in the game, and we see what it will take to keep a child safe in a harsh, unpredictable world. And that is, do we give our morality up in favor of practicality? Her child-like innocence brings into stark contrast the desperation to survive and the sacrifices that may cross moral boundaries. This can be seen in one of the decisions that the group has to tackle: to scavenge supplies left by survivors, or to move on in case these people return for them?

The exciting thing about the third installment of the game is looking forward to exactly how these changes have shaped the character. That, and we're left to guess just what has happened in the four years we're missing and the now thirteen year old Clementine. Just what does four years in a post-apocalyptic world do to the formation of an innocent child?

Introducing Javier seems to be Telltale's guide into easing us to the changes that Clementine would have undergone, as well as give us a different vantage point in which to compare what eventually becomes of her. All in all, it will leave avid fans on the edge of their seats with understandably high expectations.

Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: A New Frontier will be available on consoles, PC, Mac and even mobile devices. A physical version is also available, this contains a season pass, allowing buyers to download the other episodes of the season as they're released. So for the avid fans out there, remember: November!

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