'Dexter' Season 9 Rumors: Spinoff Will Return On TV? Watch The Show's TV Marathon

By KLDatoy - 05 Sep '16 10:40AM

Many fans are wondering if "Dexter" Season 9 is really happening since it has been three years since the previous season ended. Fans are hoping that a spinoff will happen soon especially that the series will be celebrating its 10th anniversary.

A teaser of the critically-acclaimed TV series was revealed for the "Dexter" TV marathon for their first decade anniversary. To recall, the show started in 2006 and had its eighth season on 2013.

As a way to celebrate, the most important scenes of the TV show was put together to create an exceptional trailer. Also featured are the key characters of the crime drama with leading star Michael C. Hall who plays as Dexter Morgan. Dexter is "a blood splatter" expert during the day and a vigilante serial killer at night.

Apart from that, fans are encouraged to participate in the commemoration by voting their favorite episodes from Season 1 to Season 8. The top 10 most-liked episodes will run for the TV marathon, Digital Trends reported.

Since the show was a big hit, Hall's performance was recognized with over 20 Emmy awards since it aired on 2006. And because many viewers loved the show so much, many are looking forward for "Dexter" Season 9 when the eighth season ended.

But then, Hall said that he believes the eight seasons are already enough to tell the entire story of the show and that it is the right time to end the series. He also said that the spinoff will no longer be happening and that he is not even interested to join it anymore.

"[A spinoff is] not something I can really consider. I'm not saying it's an impossibility that someone else might come up with it," said Hall, according to Inquistr.

Fans who are interested to see the show, the "Dexter" TV marathon will start on Oct. 1 on Showtime while its Season 1 to Season 8 can be watched through Showtime Anytime streaming service and on Netflix.

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