iPhone 7 rumored release dates and features

By Rida - 27 Aug '16 09:00AM

Millions of people, who are waiting for the next release of Apple's iPhone, get ready as the rumored release dates are out. Apple's largest selling device iPhone will make a huge roar in the world smart phone market.

According to Forbes, a publisher has clearly mentioned the release dates of the upcoming iPhone 7. The pre-order of this great smart phone through online Apple store will start on September 9th. Noted tipster Evan Blass has bought the mentioned dates for the audience, he is very confident that the iPhone 7 will go on sale on Friday September 16th 2016.

These dates are expected to be the correct ones. There is no official confirmation from Apple Inc.

According to Gamenguide, there are many rumors on the new upcoming Apple's iPhone 7. People are excited about the new iPhone 7 all around the world. Along with the rumored released dates, iPhone 7 is expected to be water resistant and this water resistant technology is the way Apple wants to defeat its rivals. Samsung, which came up with a phablet Galaxy note 7 with water resistant technology has risen up with high demands and sales in the world market. For sure, Apple's next iPhone has a big competition ahead with its rival Samsung.

Along with the water resistant technology, iPhone is rumored to have dual camera. The dual camera will allow user to take two photos simultaneously without any delay between them. This is made possible with its new sensors. The actual reason to come up with dual camera is to get perfect clear pictures. The two photographs taken can be combined to give a clearer and brighter picture.

Apple's iPhone 7 is rumored to have better design than the previous model and iOS 10 operating system to be launched in the phone which adds on the phones capacity to handle new features of the phone.

Apple has not made any official statement about the release dates and features of its new product. Apple inspirers to stay tuned for updates on this particular topic.

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