Pokemon Go: Leisure or Mischief?

By Lord Justin Castillo - 20 Aug '16 16:27PM

Pokemon Go is an app designed for android and iOS devices. It allows players to catch cartoon monsters in real locations by merely using the app. Released in selected countries July of this year. Pokemon go is no doubt, the newest craze in the world?

Downloaded and enjoyed by millions. People from different countries, different races, and no matter if you're a kid, a teen or an adult, as long as you've got a smartphone you are definitely welcome to join the fun.

Despite the pleasure it gives to its players, mixed feedback was thrown for this newest phenomenal mobile game. Praises was given with regards to the concept of the game and other negative reviews was also addressed. 

There were also negative reports that this app harmed the lives of others. The Guardian reported earlier today that a 20 year old man shot dead while playing Pokémon Go in San Francisco.

In Cebu City Philippines, a jeepney almost had an accident because a man crossed the street and suddenly stops at the middle just to catch those monsters.

Although reports came out that few weeks after it's released, other countries banned the said application. But, it didn't stop Niantic Inc which is an American software development company based in San Francisco, California, who aside from pokemon go is also known for developing and publishing the augmented reality mobile games Ingress. 

Last Friday, the 5th o f August, Pokemon go went live in 15 more countries across Asia and Oceania but China and South Korea is not yet included.

According to report by FORBES, John Hanke who is the CEO of Niantic Inc said "that regulations in China and limited Google Maps data for South Korea (owing to security concerns in North Korea) are holding his company back from launching the game in those countries." 

Meanwhile, the makers of this application is looking forward in sorting out some issues in order to have these game available for everyone. 

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