Kpop News: EXO Sets Another Record With Solo Concerts

By Lord Justin Castillo - 03 Aug '16 09:11AM

SM Entertainment previously announced the group's concert which was held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul dated July 23, 24, 29, 30, and 31. 

"EXO PLANET #3-The EXO'rDIUM"! This concert title is inspired by the Latin word "exordium" which means "beginning," This brings out great expectations for fans to anticipate a different and better side of EXO.

EXO's concert EXO'rDIUM brought up over14,000 fans per concert across six concert dates, a total of 84,000 fans for EXO.

EXO is the first K-pop group in history to have six concert dates - the longest solo concert run - at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, one of the largest venues in Seoul that is able to accommodate over 10,000 audience members.

Meanwhile, EXO is slated to make a comeback with a repackaged album of their recently released album "EXACT". 

A source from SM Entertainment said, "EXO is currently preparing a repackaged album and aiming to release it in August."

Previous reports have been claiming that EXO will be making a comeback on August 19 and will have their first comeback performance through "Music Bank."However, SM Entertainment has clarified that specific details regarding their comeback schedule and music show performances have not yet confirmed and it will still be determined. 

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