Apple’s new operating system is out in its Second Beta version!

By Ajay Kadkol - 22 Jul '16 20:28PM

Now when it comes to Apple, there's always that excitement while we write speaking about Apple and what they do, how different is it from the rest? But off late, post WWDC it's always been those gloomy approach due to lack of anything new from Apple apart for those new (maybe?) exciting features that they showcased at the WWDC? We might actually debate that. The problem is that we believe that Apple nowadays want to rush things just like anybody else and rather not spend time to actually innovate something new that would actually excite the listener.

However, there's actually some developing news from the Apple camp. Seems like after the first beta was successful, Apple now has brought out their second beta seeding of their new Sierra operating system that people will likely get to use very soon for the general public. However, if you're a developer people now have some great tools to actually associate their apps with Apple's AI bot Siri which Apple have now made it open source. According to what we believe according to Apple, it's now very evident that they want to make it open source so that Siri can actually respond to a varied number of queries not just from apps actually developed by Apple themselves but also developers who are equally putting in a lot of effort to get their apps to the mainstream for the apple user base and get things going for them too, just the way Apple does it.

Apple is now seeding public beta 2 of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra operating systems. All compatible Macs, iPhones and iPads can install those firmwares. The iOS 10 public beta 2 is seeding as a 311MB OTA update, and anyone that has applied for the Apple's open beta program can install it. The same goes for macOS Sierra - it's already available in the App Store. The devs got developer beta 3 for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra earlier this week, too. The final versions of those will kick off this fall.

Now it's very uncertain as to how many people will outright get into the public beta considering apple's problems with Beta functioning the way it should. A large of number of users in the past who've been using Apple hardware have often vented their frustration about hardware malfunctioning due to beta presence on their hardware which apple will not really heed to, considering beta development software are really meant primarily for developers who need to get an early taste of what's going to happen for their applications provided they get access to the beta. While we also believe that Apple's involvement in the user forums and their lack of communication

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