Windows 10 Update News: Update to the recent editions of Windows

By Ajay Kadkol - 21 Jun '16 10:03AM

Microsoft after successfully launching their new operating system a year back, brought out updates to all their existing users through a special "the Windows 10 Anniversary Update". All users will be receiving the updates as soon as possible and it will be over-the-air(OTA) and the update will install itself automatically which makes users to not worry about missing it. However, if you're curious about the upcoming update, you don't have to wait until the final release date to check it out.

Microsoft has been releasing public preview builds, each one a little bit closer to the final version. Anyone can get and install those builds by first becoming part of Microsoft's Windows Insider Program, then joining what's called the Fast Ring. However, Insider program sign-ups have been paused for some time.

However public users can track about the happenings of updates in the new builds through Microsoft forums where people generally drop their opinions in the site which doesn't require user signup and the access is public. What follows is a list of every preview build of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, starting with the most recent and going back to the beginning of the year. For each build, Microsoft would've included the date of its release and a link to Microsoft's announcement about it.

The most recent build, which showed up only two days after the last one, focuses primarily on bug fixes. But it also includes a feature that long-time Windows users will welcome which is the ability to easily perform a clean install of Windows on your respective PCs.

To use it, go to Settings > Update & security > Recovery, and choose "Learn how to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows." You'll then be directed to a Microsoft Community page that has instructions about how to do a clean install, as well as a link to download the necessary tool.The bonus here is that the process will delete any applications that don't come standard with Windows. That means it will not only delete apps you've installed, but pre-installed apps that came on the system as well. So if you wish, you can run this as soon as you get a new PC and remove all that irritating bloatware.

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