Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Official The Mechanical Apartheid News Update: How will the new game come out?

By Ajay Kadkol - 10 Jun '16 14:03PM

In a recent press event, Square Enix representatives tried to set the tone for the future of the stealthy Deus Ex games with a flashy, live-action video. The next game's story was foreshadowed in a film called "The Mechanical Apartheid," anchored by the story of a husband and wife divided by a very Deus Ex kind of conflict: a forced quarantine for any "Augs" who have received cybernetic enhancements. Robotic wife and "natural" husband forcibly separated.

But that polished, dramatic video didn't leave the most lasting impression. Instead, that honor went to a giant table graphic with icons representing all of the games and "fiction" entries we can expect in the future. The stories will be spearheaded by this August's Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but Square Enix also teased two attached projects launching this year and two more "AAA games" in a future timeline, currently blurred out.

Square Enix wasn't ready to reveal its years-down-the-line hand, but ahead of E3, the company did produce quite the three-of-a-kind: the new, big-ticket game; an arcade-styled stealth shooter; and the first official Deus Ex games for touchscreen devices. Best of all, the entire trio is set to launch by the end of this summer.

Before diving into newly revealed Mankind Divided content, Eidos Montreal Producer Fleur Marty showed Ars the "new mode" shipping with that game's retail copies: Breach. For a moment, we thought Eidos was announcing a virtual reality take on the series; instead, we're getting an action-minded, leaderboard-driven game. The mode (which technically has a much longer name of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: Breach, phew) puts players into the shoes of a hacker that we assume is affiliated with the series' main hero, Adam Jensen, but that was not confirmed. That hacker enters a virtual reality environment with a mission to extract important files. For whatever reason, these hackers break into high-end computer systems by engaging in first-person combat with jagged, polygonal security guards.

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