‘Wolverine 3’ News & Update: The Upcoming ‘Wolverine 3’ May Be a Lot More Than ‘Old Man Logan’ Storyline

By Kanika Gupta - 09 Jun '16 17:17PM

According to recent reports, the latest set photos of the upcoming "Wolverine 3" show Hugh Jackman in a greying beard and a suited look. Soon enough, the speculations started to do the rounds that the film will be based on "Old Man Logan" storyline. If the rumors are indeed true, the older Wolverine will be seen hitting the road with blind Hawkeye.

While Mark Millar's "Old Man Logan" features Hulk as Wolverine's archenemy, the fans shouldn't expect an exact rendition of the comic book. Since this is also Jackman's last "Wolverine" film, he may be pitted against a completely different villain.

Looking at the "X-Men: Apocalypse" post-credit scene, one can speculate what to expect in the upcoming installment of the "Wolverine" film. In the scene, an unknown man is seen extracting a vial containing Wolverine's blood from the Weapon X facility. He then places the vial inside a briefcase with "ESSSEX CORP" emblazoned on it, with a potential reference to Mister Sinister, aka Nathaniel Essex.

As the Weapon X DNA has been extracted, it is safe to assume that a Wolverine clone may be introduced in the Jackman's last mutant film. Since it is also a possibility that a female Wolverine Clone may be featured in "Wolverine 3," there is a fair chance that the movie will be briefly based on the "Old Man Logan," albeit with different characters.

Previously, Mark Millar, writer of "Old Man Logan," revealed that he knew what "Wolverine 3" is all about. Fans are already expecting to see the latest "Wolverine" movie to be loosely based on the comic book. However, Millar stated that "Wolverine 3" is possible to be made without Hawkeye or Hulk as "they're not important to the story."

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