'Suicide Squad' News Update: Positive Sentiments Around 'Suicide Squad', Possibly The Best After 'The Dark Knight'

By Dipannita - 09 Jun '16 11:40AM

'Suicide Squad' has been released, and fans who have seen the movie have gone crazy over its success and are even comparing it with the legendary Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight.'

Fans 'claim that the movie could be one of the best DC Comics after the 'Dark Knight'. The comparison with Dark Knight is in itself a very big achievement, since the movie was a revolution of the Batman character.

Since the exit of Christopher Nolan from the Batman franchise, fans have had mixed emotions with each of their releases - be it the 'Man of Steel' or 'Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice', and they had an average performance at box-office.

The launch of 'Deadpool' in February 2016 opened the race for the best superhero movie this year. Although the movie did not have the luxury of a huge budget, still it did wonderfully well, and was well accepted by the fans. The launch of 'Batman vs. Superman' did seem to negate the positive sentiment caused by Deadpoo, but, it performed decently well.

But, Captain America: Civil War took the results back. Now, the success of the 'Suicide Squad,' it might mark a return of DC against Marvel films.

Reports suggest that 'Suicide Squad' is a comeback for DC, though the villain characterization was below par. But the performance of Margot Robbie is being equated with the characterization of Heath Ledger's Joker. The character played by Harley Quinn was the main focus point of the movie, surpassing even Will Smith. Despite all applauds, the critics might find ways of downplaying the movie, but the odds for the movie being a super hit look extremely bright.

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