‘The Bachelor’ 2016 News & Update: Is Ben Higgins Preparing to Enter Colorado House of Representatives?

By Kanika Gupta - 08 Jun '16 19:33PM

In a recent report, it was pointed out that Ben Higgins is interested in entering politics and will join Colorado House of Representatives. After their engagement in season 20 of "The Bachelor," the couple moved to Colorado after they spent a few weeks in Denver where they were planning to live out their days after marriage.

However, looks like the couple changed their plans as they moved back to Colorado. One of the reasons, reportedly, was that ben wants to enter the House of Representatives. While politics appear to be the next move for "The Bachelor" 2016 winner, the news has still not been confirmed.

One of the reported reasons why the couple went back to Colorado is the interest of Ben Higgins to enter the House of Representatives. In fact, Higgins has also set up a website, "Ben Higgins for Colorado" to campaign for his cause. According to reports, the site says "Thank you for your support as Ben explores his opportunities to make a positive impact on his local community!"

Meanwhile, there have been rumors that the Lauren and Ben have hit rock bottom, in terms of their relationship, and will be splitting soon. There is also speculation that Lauren is jealous of Jojo Fletcher, more so because the latter got her own reality show even though she was beaten by Bushnell in "The Bachelor" season 20. According to an insider, "JoJo's on a show where all these amazing guys are competing for her and her alone, and JoJo gets her pick." The source also added that "She won't have to deal with a guy who likes her and another woman."

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