'Kingdom Hearts 3' News & Update: New Trailer to be Unveiled at E3

By Kanika Gupta - 08 Jun '16 19:25PM

"Kingdom Hearts 3" fans are yearning to know more about the upcoming game. According to recent reports, "Big Hero" and "Tangled" are some of the worlds that have been confirmed in new "KH3" game. There are also rumors about the other worlds that are making the rounds but are so far unconfirmed.

There are speculations that Darth Vader of "Star Wars" is one of the faces that will be seen in "Kingdom Hearts 3." Not only that, Square Enix has also reportedly employed Eric Johnson who has worked on "Star Wars 1313," which sparked the rumor about Star Wars world in the first place.

It has been reported previously that Avengers, especially Iron Man will be a part of "Kingdom Hearts 3." It was first hinted in 2014 by the game director when he said "nothing is off-limits" with regards to Marvel being part of the game. Another rumor going strong is about Queen Elsa from "Frozen" to make an appearance in the title.

According to previous reports, "Toy Story" world may also be a part of the game but the news is unconfirmed. When the previous trailer of the game featured Sora, Donald and Goofy, the fans were quick to speculate that it may be a part of the upcoming title.

Meanwhile, there are also reports that "Kingdom Hearts 3" trailer will be released at E3 event next month. While it is not confirmed yet, but there are rumors that a new video will also feature Disney world in the game.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" is expected to arrive next year.

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